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Can it be that we just haven’t seen the true expanse and amazing possibilities of life until now? How often have we asked ourselves: can we change ourselves and our society?

More and more of us feel it and are bearing witness to it: a world-wide revolution in consciousness is underway. Our crisis-ridden world is experiencing the greatest breakdown of barriers in history and – in the midst of this gigantic catharsis – the emergence of a new culture of thought and relationship.

My work is a contribution to this new consciousness, too – from the standpoint of ethnology. An example of New Anthropology or Applied Anthropology. An approach to a science of self-realization.

I’d like to inspire people to take their lives into their own hands and set them on the right course: to pull down the walls that separate us from ourselves and others, that harden our souls and make our bodies sick. That we go through life in freedom and dignity and grow strong from crises. That we place far more mindfulness, respect and true commitment in our relationships and open ourselves up together to the unimagined potential of life.


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The Universal Basics of Self-Realization


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„amo ergo sum – I love, therefore I am“

The Path into a New Reality 


“amo ergo sum” stands for the shift from separation to connectedness. In our personal and our collective life. In great matters and small ones. Equally.

It is the answer to the “cogito ergo sum” of French philosopher René Descartes (1596 – 1650), “I think, therefore I am,” which rose to become the leitmotif of western civilization.

Amo is a metaphor for a new thinking beyond cultures, denominations and dogmas – dedicated to the emancipation of wisdom.

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Untamed Wisdom

Untamed wisdom leads to creative participation by the individual in the whole – into an untamed mind and an untamed heart.
The results are autonomy, responsibility, empathy, health, collective intelligence, justice, happiness.

Untamed Wisdom is:

  • the ability to recognize life principles and to go with them instead of working against them;
  • the source of the True, the Good and the Beautiful (Plato), in other words, of everything human beings really want;
  • the origin of intrinsic values, heart qualities;
  • the ability to accompany others in the light of the Universal Process and to guide them to their place in the whole;
  • the state of wide-open consciousness – when existential questions about meaning and purpose answer themselves, when intuition and orientation are wide-awake and alive, and when we unerringly follow our inner guidance.



The Universal Process (UP)

Untamed Wisdom means the essence of wisdom. It means an utterly simple path, an uncontrived, natural path, that revealed itself during decades of cross-cultural studies on the common core of all wisdom traditions. It is the result of a pioneering discovery: the code of life itself. Hidden since time immemorial in the mythologies and rituals of all peoples, it revealed its universal structure through cultural comparison. I call this meta-structure the UNIVERSAL PROCESS.

The Universal Process is the leitmotiv and compass for all processes of life, growth and relationships, the principle of change and transformation. It is the process that “holds the world together in its inmost folds,” (Goethe) – the structure of consciousness itself.
This process eludes objective comprehension by means of rational, dualistic thinking. Therefore it cannot be described by means of language. It demands personal access, through intuition and an associative, analog, holographic – “wild” – thinking. It must be trained with body and soul, with passion und compassion.


The Amo Training Program – Wild Thinking


The Universal Process is the intelligence of life itself, and should be our basic cultural tool. It is the essential method for competence in life and in teaching. It enables the breakthrough to our own center. But much more, too: it can be part of the collective breakthrough into a new paradigm – into a paradigm of creative cooperation!


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Impulse Talks: Current issues in the light of the New Anthropology.
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Self-Realization Workshops

Changing the Game


Whenever we use the Universal Process (UP) as our compass, we burst the artificially-erected walls of ideologies, religions and dogmas.

Wherever we follow it, we experience liberation from the straitjacket of cultural conditionings.

Wherever it is allowed to work, we cut through the bonds of prejudice, projection and misunderstanding.

The Universal Process is the compass for our inner space. It leads us to insight into the inner connections of reality and – as its logical consequence – to extraordinary competence in decision-making and action in the world out there.

This is a discovery with far-reaching consequences for our understanding of ourselves and the world, for our relationships and social systems, for medicine, economics, politics and education, indeed for our world culture as a whole. A discovery that leads to a new understanding of LOVE and the necessity of loving. A discovery that makes everything simple. Radically simple.


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Wilder Geist Wildes Herz
Kompass in stürmischen Zeiten

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33 Herzensqualitäten
Die Intelligenz der Liebe

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amo ergo sum
Ich liebe, also bin ich

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amo ergo sum

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Gesellschaft für Amosophie e.V.

Brückenbauer & Zukunftsmacher
Die Amosophie – als ein Beitrag zu einer wissenschaftlichen Grundlage für eine neue Welt – startet jetzt als gemeinnützig eingetragener Verein. Ziel: den sich heute vollziehenden Bewusstseinswandel zu unterstützen, hin zu einem neuen verbindenden Denken und einer globalen Kultur des Herzens.

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Amo Change Groups:
Find yourself and change the worldLOGO-CG-ohneClaim

In diesem Geist treffen wir uns in den sogenannten amoChange Groups, die jetzt überall in Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz entstehen. Die von Christina Kessler ausgebildteten Consultants leiten diese regionalen Gruppen, in denen jeder willkommen ist. Unser Motto: 
Wir wollen selbst die Initiative für eine bessere Welt ergreifen und gemeinsam das Neue erschaffen.

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