Amo Impulse Talks

Current Issues in Focus


The Amo Method is a compass for these stormy times of transition and transformation. The Impulse Talks are offered throughout the German-language cultural area and elsewhere and also can be booked on request.


Focus is on the following themes:

  • A Culture of the Heart eartHeart – Social intelligence based on the New Anthropology
  • Wild Mind, Wild Heart – The turn to the essential
  • Wild Thinking – The path to intuition and creativity
  • The Universal Process (UP) – The key to a paradigm of life
  • Lasting Relationships  – Rules for empathic communication
  • Family Rules – How families can sustain us again
  • Intercultural Encounter – Collision or creative cooperation?
  • Pulling Down Walls – On the way to a new era of consciousness


These talks are located in the field of tension between theory and practice. They include interactive exercises and participants’ questions are addressed.



“The inner form of the whole could blossom in the outer – formed – world, and in our interactions with each other. The result would be a social space of connectivity that also serves regulative functions.”


* Available in English as well
* Length: approx. 2.5 hours.
* Fee by arrangement

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