Certified Training

Amo Breathwork

according to the Holistic Energy and Breathing Method
(Holistische Energie- und AtemLehre / HEAL®)






  • Body-oriented consciousness training
  • Connected breathing
  • Energetic healing




This two year training program is a body-oriented consciousness training. It provides a solid, practice-based program in energy work as well as the technique of connected breathing – as part of my years of research on the universal principles of health, healing and continuous renewal. It is a training program for people who love extraordinary experiences and also wish to accompany others through intensive energy processes.


Freeing life energy

Spirare (Lat.) – to breathe, live, flow.
Spiritus – Soul, life, spirit
Inspiratio – to breathe life, spirit into something or someone. To know, see, envision.

In all cultures before western civilization, wisdom and healing were indissolubly one. During my field studies I immersed myself deeply into the medicine systems of indigenous peoples. I specialized in shamanism, archaic techniques of trance and ecstacy, and investigated the healing potentials of mythology, symbolism and ritual. I discovered that the path of healing, of the development of consciousness and all aboriginal systems of treatment follow one and the same dynamic structure: the Universal Process. The Universal Process is the matrix of all therapies, the code of life itself, the fundamental structure of consciousness, the rhythm of life energy and breath. True, comprehensive healing can only be achieved through the liberation of our inner essential core and our life energy. The true key lies in devotion to the principle of life.

Wisdom, Method and Power

Since 1992 I have been teaching the Holistic Energy and Breathing Method (HEAL®) in combination with the technique of connected breathing – with amazing results. HEAL® provides access to the theoretical framework. As in all my work, the basic model for my methodology and didactics here is the Universal Process. Connected breathing is an ancient spiritual technique known in eastern traditions, but also to Native American peoples. This combination is surely one of the most powerful body-oriented methods of transformation in existence. The results are profound, many-faceted and extremely effective.

During an Amo Breathwork session the organism is flooded with oxygen, with which life energy (chi, prana) is connected. Brought into coherence with the Universal Process, the energy stream goes to work on emotional, spiritual and physical blockages with limitless intelligence. Toxins are dissolved. Memories, suppressed emotions, thoughts and inner images come crowding into consciousness and can be examined, accepted and transformed. Energetic armor is broken down. Healing comes from reconnection with the deepest level of consciousness.

Anyone who has regularly practiced Amo Breathwork for a longer period of time will experience a continual increase in intuition and energy because immense amounts of previously bound energies are being set free. To keep this surplus of life energy from dissipating, it is immediately steered into the right channel – into your personal life purpose, creating fulfilling relationships, making constructive decisions. Here and now. Creativity, flow, unbridled joy in and a deep understanding of life take root.

As the clearing of your energy system proceeds, you will gradually come to see the free flow of life energy as normal. But this does not mean that the effects are wearing off, but instead the beginning of something much greater: as soon as the main blockages have been purified and the stream of energy, which feels like electricity or magnetism, can flow unhindered, your ability to make creative and healing use of this stream develops.

About the program

The training therefore has three overarching goals:

  1. Qualification in guiding Amo Breathwork sessions and healings
  2. Clearing one’s own energy system
  3. Working with the stream of liberated energy
    • energetic healing
    • immediate creativity (intuitive writing, painting, dancing, singing…)
    • heightened perception (like Edward Bach when he discovered the effects of the Bach Flower Remedies).

Program contents

  • Reconnecting with the implicate order – the matrix of all therapies.
  • Health as a holistic, flowing process. The interplay of physical, emotional, spiritual, psycho-social, socio-cultural and ecological health.
  • The human energy system.
  • Training subtle perception: sensing atmospheres, “reading” structures and forms. Understanding causes and effects. Thinking in energies.
  • Intuition. Intuitive recognition, accompanying and and guiding of life, relationship and healing processes.
  • Emptiness, form and energy flow.
  • Body work.

In the course of Amo Breathwork training, a clarification of your life sets in that enables you to penetrate ever more deeply into your inner spaces and at the same time embrace the world out there more and more.

Working professionally with Amo Breathwork

There are no limits to the individual application possibilities of the three elements. Energetic healing, breathwork sessions and consciousness training are equally suited for individual and group work. They generate communitas (community spirit) and are therefore excellent tools for communities, creative teams, artists and innovative enterprises. Combinations with yoga and other forms of body and energy work are ideal. HEAL® and the Universal Process are the spiritual basis of all healing methods.

A typical Amo Breathwork session lasts about an hour and takes place lying down, sitting or in movement – in various postures and group structures. The process is supported by specially selected music. The work can also be done in warm or cold water. Each session is one-of-a-kind.

Amo Breathwork Instructor

Amo Breathwork + Tiger Mind Training
(the two trainings can be attended parallel)

+ 1 year of professional breathwork
+ regular attendance in the Masterclass (every 2 years)

Those who have completed both programs and can demonstrate one year of experience with Amo Breathwork in individual and/or group work are qualified to offer and guide the Amo Breathwork training independently. Regular participation in the Masterclass at least every two years guarantees the fidelity of the transfer to the original.

Each participant receives a detailed script with

  • the basics of theory and practice
  • directions for didactics and methodology
  • all exercises.

Breathwork TRAINING


The same stream of life that runs through my veins night and day
runs through the world and dances in rhythmic measures. … I feel my limbs are made glorious by the touch of this world of life.
And my pride is from the life-throb of ages dancing in my blood
this moment.

Rabindranath Tagore
(Indian winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature)

Regular: 450 Euros per module.
High school and university students, and course repeaters: 50% discount.

are not included in the seminar fee and must be booked and paid directly to the seminar center.

daily from 10:00 – 18:00, final day from 10:00 – 14:00