Essence Course

Like a Phoenix from the Ashes


  • Are you tired of being hobbled by old patterns of thinking, habits and conventions and wasting your energy on lame compromises?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed by expectations and find no real answer to the burning question: What do I want from life and what does life want from me?
  • You want to understand – get to the bottom of things – and discover your own inner orientation, to be immune to manipulation and insecurity?
  • You long for renewal and growth, to be able to appreciate yourself and love unconditionally?
  • You would like to make constructive contributions to the change that is underway?
  • And you are aware that: “I myself am the change!”


You are ready for a turn to essence, but need a map and compass? You are not religious in the old sense and do not necessarily feel at home in the esoteric scene, but believe in an implicate order that “holds the world together in its inmost folds”?
You are looking for an essential and contemporary path of consciousness? A path that brings together the insights of all traditions and offers direct access to vital energy? A path that you can take in your own way?

It’s all possible. This path exists. For many, “Like a Phoenix from the Ashes” has already been the change – on a completely new track.


An Initiation


  • The Essence Course is an initiation in the path of self-realization.
  • Built upon the template of a rite de passage (ritual of transition), it follows the symbolism of the myth of the phoenix.
  • The first phase involves identifying and releasing patterns of separative thinking and behavior.
  • The path then leads on to the center – through the typical landscape of the inner space of the world.
  • Rebirth takes place in the third phase.
  • On the final day you receive the tools for the return to the world out there.


… and for those interested in this approach:

“Like a Phoenix from the Ashes” is the introduction to Christina Kessler’s philosophy of essence. It offers a practical entry point both into the methodology of the Universal Process and Amo Breathwork. The unique combination of these two methods is literally explosive in its power. It explodes inner bonds and enables your breakthrough to your own essence of love.

The Essence Course is required for participation in the training programs. However, it need not be completed prior to the start of a training program.


Young People’s Essence Course

An Essence Course for young people between 16 and 25 is held once a year.
The course fee for this age group is 225 Euros. The seminar centers have a limited number of low-priced accommodations and some have camping grounds. For this reason, please register and book your accommodations early.

By arrangement both younger and older interested persons can participate.

Dates in German >

Dates in English upon request >



“Since time out of mind, the phoenix has stood for renewal and transformation.”

Regular: 450 Euro
High school and university students, and course repeaters: 50% discount.

are not included in the seminar fee and must be booked and paid directly to the seminar center.

daily from 10.00 – 18:00
End of final day: after lunch