Tiger Mind Training

Certification: Consultant for Interconnected Development (CID) – “tiger”



Their working environment is in the areas of teaching, communications, leadership, healing and anywhere pioneering is needed. CIDs are consultants, coaches, mediators, inter-cultural bridge-builders and change managers – transformers.



The great training of consciousness

In the Indo-Tibetan cultural sphere the tiger is a symbol of wisdom, mastery, civic courage and strength. It stands for the untamed mind and spirit that enjoys the clear view of the essence of reality. And is fearless enough to take on demons: the dark side of existence, our human shadow.
Taak (tibetan), the tigermind, is one thing above all: benevolent. Unbiased. Incorruptible. Not open to manipulation. Straight – committed to nothing but the process of truth and life. With an unerring, intuitive eye for the essential.


Spiritual minimalism

The Tiger Mind Training is spiritual minimalism. It works on the level of bare principle and experience. Its method and didactics are rooted in the Universal Process and wild thinking.
It aim is to gain insight into the invisible, process-based inter-connections of reality and from this to develop extraordinary competence in decision-making and action. An additional aim is the ability to accompany processes confidently and guide them in the right direction.


For this we learn to

  • identify conditionings and dysfunctional programs
  • sever conceptual bonds
  • dissolve un-free ties
  • overcome fear and destructiveness
  • distinguish between natural and contrived knowledge, old and new paradigm
  • synchronize personal and trans-personal processes in order to access the entire spectrum of consciousness in this way. And not in linear stages or developmental spirals, but instead “mandalically” and “in growing rings.”


It’s all about

  • intrinsic motivation, flow and new learning
  • awakening social and collective intelligence
  • the importance of universal values and a global ethics for the present and the future
  • harmony between nature and culture.
  • wisdom, method and power for ourselves, society and change.


The Universal Process is the heart and center of the training’s methodology. Recognizing the dynamics of the Universal Process and aligning all processes in accordance with it requires intuition and sureness in handling the tools. Commitment and continuous practice in daily life are therefore an important part of the training path.

With Module 5, participants attain the status of an amoChange Group Guide and can lead regional Change Groups with a format specially designed for this purpose. This tool offers them the opportunity to test themselves in process-oriented work.


The Tiger Mind Training Program

9 x 4-Day Modules + 1 Week of Consultant Training

1.    Think wild!
The Marriage of Intuition and Intellect
„We have to think the unthinkable. Nothing else is worth the trouble.”” (Paul Virilio)

2.    MonkeyMind – TigerMind
Shadow Work
“Is the monkey going to ride you, or you the tiger? That’s the question.””

3.    Eros – Evolution’s Longing
Higher Creativity
“The true purpose of being human: to grow beyond the little ego-self into the true identity of limitless, creative bliss-consciousness – sat, chit, ananda (sanskrit).”

4.    Medicine Walk und VisionQuest
In the Force-Field of Truth and Reality
“Success is when what happens is what life wants from you and you from life.””

5.    New Community
The Politics of Self-Realization
“Where two or three are gathered together in my name, there I am in the midst of them” (Mt.18,20).

6.    Heart Qualities
The Intelligence of Love
“Going within has to be beautiful, intense and palpably good, otherwise nobody will do it.”

7.    Love! And Do What You Want!
Mastery and Passion
“The new heroes have solved the problem before it even appears.””

8.    The Power of One
On the Way to a Culture of the Heart
“To be conscious means to love. To love means to serve life.”

9.    Paradise is NOW!
Time, Change and Timelessness
“Everything is connected with everything else. Everything flows – panta rhei. Everything is in constant change. Indeed, the only constant thing is change, which follows very definite laws. Those who know them can guide all processes in the right direction. Wer sie kennt, kann alle Prozesse in die richtige Richtung lenken.”

Consultant Training

As part of their Consultant Training, participants develop a written work or independent project based on the training contents.

CIDs are authorized to work with the Tiger Mind approach and the methods taught in the program, with the exception of Christina Kessler’s personal

The Consultant Training concludes with the awarding of the CID certificate and a final party.


“I the sage, am the tiger among men, who has perfected the three powers of enlightened mind. With the smile of inseparable method and wisdom he has dwelt in the forest of clear light and hopes to attain his neighbor’s good as fruit.”


450 Euros per Module
High school and university students, and course repeaters: 50% discount.

are not included in the seminar fee and must be booked and paid directly to the seminar center.

10.00 – 18:00
final day: until 14.00