Workshop for Couples

Love Rules


  • Do you have a powerful desire for freedom and autonomy, and a need for security, connection and acceptance?
  • Are you asking yourself: Can we lead lives in freedom AND connectedness?
  • Or are at the same time compromises demanded of us here that end up confining us once yet again?
  • Can we have both at the same time? And if so, how?
  • How can we escape the treadmill of involuntary domination and conformity?
  • Would you like to have your children develop basic trust and social intelligence, but realize that they need role models here?


True, enduring relationships live from two mutually complementary qualities: freedom and commitment. Without commitment, without rules, relationships have no future. Without freedom either. Un-free ties have always been the best and surest passion killers. The special thing about these Rules: They stand in a very definite relationship to each other! Their inner structure is a guideline for all processes within your partnership. Wherever something isn’t “working the way it used to,” these rules enable you to identify obstructive programs and patterns, and guide you into a process of re-ordering and from there directly into the flow of love.

We go through this process once during the seminar, so that participants can experience its effects directly and be able to apply the Love Rules immediately in their daily lives. Relationships that understand and observe the laws of love do not fade.


What happens in this seminar?


The weekend seminar offers liberation from patterns of thinking and behavior that unconsciously and unintentionally lead to stumbling blocks in our love relationships: misunderstandings, old habits, avoidance reflexes and protective mechanisms. While psychological approaches mostly attribute these to childhood deficits and traumata, we seek the true causes one level deeper – in cultural conditionings: in beliefs and value-judgments about being men and women. In social roles, ideals and norms we have absorbed and that have influenced all of us deeply.
As soon as we have recognized this fact and encounter each other without masks, energies start flowing and can be guided into constructive channels.

Couples who work on themselves today go beyond purely personal concerns. They are performing pioneer work for our collective leap into a new culture of relationships and consciousness. As a result, their partnerships will continue to grow and gain in strength. Wherever the rules of the game are observed, an atmosphere arises where Love Rules.


“Love Rules” seminars are open to everyone. The course is equally suited for singles who want to prepare themselves for a “real” relationship and all who want to learn from a failed relationship, as well as for couples.

Regular: 450 Euro
High school and university students, and course repeaters: 50% discount.

are not included in the seminar fee and must be booked and paid directly to the seminar center.

Seminars begin on Fridays at 17:00
and end on Sundays at 14:00